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The highly anticipated sequel to the award-winning Time Zero.

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Mina’s adventure continues in this sequel to the award-winning Time Zero. In book one, Mina and her friends narrowly escaped fundamentalist ruled Manhattan. Now, they’ve been taken in by the Unbound, a modern community that wants to shelter and care for them. Mina, however, becomes increasingly nervous as she and her friends are forced apart, and she’s asked to alter her clothing, behavior, and even her faith. As she struggles to hold onto her identity, she also grapples with her secrets, even as the Unbound endeavor to discover each and every one.


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"TIME NEXT has it all -- excitement, suspense, adventure, futuristic imagination, a fascinating cast of characters, a swiftly paced story, thought provoking themes, and uniformly superb writing.  Young adult readers will be as spellbound as I was."

- Tim O’Brien, National Book Award winning author of The Things They Carried

"The second of Cohagan's TIME ZERO trilogy, TIME NEXT grapples with the eerily relevant themes of groupthink and political identity, while managing the rare feat of accurately representing teenage conversation. Especially given the current conversation surrounding institutional misogyny, TIME NEXT is a must-read for any resistance-minded young adult."

- Emily Lindin, Teen Vogue columnist

“This novel takes very real forces of injustice and takes them to a terrifying level. It makes us question all aspects of religion and identity . . . For many kids in America and elsewhere, this world hardly feels like fiction, and that’s why Cohagan’s themes are well-timed and necessary.” 

- NY Daily News

"TIME NEXT does an excellent job of holding a mirror up to aspects of our own society... In this middle book, Cohagan reveals the layers of Mina’s new world with skill, letting the audience delve deeper into her complex life. This series is sure to spark discussion and, hopefully, self-reflection."

- ForeWord Reviews  *5 Stars*

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